ebay registered drop off locationSelling on eBay is easy with iSold It!

iSold It, the world's largest chain of eBay drop off stores, makes it easy for individuals and businesses to turn their unwanted stuff into cash by selling it on eBay.


step one - drop your item off
step two -we create the listing and take photos
step three - we sell it and ship it
step four - you get the check

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18961 Ventura Blvd.

Tarzana, CA 91356

Phone: (818) 342-0300

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Is your item too large to bring into our Store?

If so, you can bring us photographs and information about your items, and we can list it for you with our Large Item Service. Or our iSold It at Home service will come right to your home or business and do all the work for you for a small fee.

Sell Your Vehicle with iSold It!

Sell Your Vehicle with iSold It

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When you have any unwanted items lying around your home or cluttering up your garage, it’s time to take control and earn yourself some cash. By this time pretty much everyone has heard of eBay drop off store and therefore everyone knows that it is most definitely a much better way to get rid of your unwanted stuff than an average yard sale. iSold It is a chain of eBay drop off stores that will make the selling process much easier. Instead of carting around your goods and leaving them lying around you can take them to this eBay trading assistant and quickly score yourself some well-deserved cash. We are an electronic consignment store also known as an eBay store so you get the benefit of our 200 million buyers.


This eBay trading assistant takes all of the stress out of selling your unwanted items online with multiple ebay store locations. iSoldIt is like the little brother of the eBay store. We set up your eBay store listing for you and make sure that your items get the best exposure by taking professional photographs and writing descriptive copies that will instantly grab the attention of prospective buyers. Our liquidation services at iSold It are sure to put more money in your pocket.

The four step iSoldIt process is as follows:

1. Swing by any of the many iSoldIt consignment stores in Los Angeles or any other area. Hand over the item you would like to add to the system and we’ll quickly do some research to estimate its value.

2. We’ll take professional photographs of the item(s) and create an eBay listing for you. Once we’ve done the hard work for you, you can sit back and enjoy watching the auctioneering process online, right from the comfort of your own home.

3. Once your item has been sold, we’ll collect the payment for you and ship your item to the lucky bidder who won it directly from our eBay Store Los Angeles.

4. As soon as the transaction is complete we’ll send you a check or send the proceeds to a charity of your choice from our consignment store.

Our iSold It consignment stores or drop off store in Los Angeles and other areas will list your items free of charge. One your item has been sold, we will deduct our commission and send you a check for 55-65% of the selling price. Other stores will only offer you 40-50%, so we’re clearly a much better choice. We can run auctions from any time between 1 to 10 days to ensure that your most valuable items get as much exposure as possible. Visit our eBay store Los Angeles for all your consignment store in Los Angeles services.


In today’s world our electronics are continuously upgraded and thus computer liquidation and computer liquidator services are often required. We will take your old and unwanted equipment and electronics and sell them to many parts of the world which still demand our older technology items. iSold It offers great computer liquidator services as a eBay trading assistant and helps turn these items into cash for you. Call us anytime to see how our computer liquidator and liquidation services can help

CONTACT DETAILS for eBay Store Los Angeles

If you would like to contact iSoldIt for eBay drop off or liquidation services we have two conveniently located stores:

Agoura Hills

Phone: 818-706-7630

E-mail: agourahillsisolditstores.com


Phone: 818-342-0300

E-mail: tarzanaisolditstores.com